Greetings, and welcome to my Curriculum Vitae. My name is Eric Freischlad, and I think I'm the musician you've been looking for.

Have a look around and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are interested in having me on your team.

Category Confidence

  • Action

    Platformer, Bullet Hell

    Action games often involve paying close attention to on-screen events. The music needs to keep up the energy, but not distract the player.

  • Cinematic

    Visual Novel, Simulation

    Cinematic games are about the story and characters. The music needs to captivate the player and reflect the characters and setting.

  • Horror

    Scary Exploration, Horror RPG

    Horror games are about a balance between a tense atmosphere and startling surprises. The music has to match that balance and keep the player guessing.

  • Retro

    Arcade, Throwback

    Retro games are about the days when video games were simpler, yet just as memorable. The music should honestly mimic the techniques, and often the hardware capabilities of 1980's and 90's games.

  • RPG

    Quest RPG, Monster Trainer RPG

    RPGs are epic stories where the heroes must overcome a great evil. The music must be as varied and colorful as the places and people the heroes will encounter on their journey.

  • Strategy

    Card Game, Puzzle Game

    Strategy games involve taking time to consider the best move to make. The music is usually longer and helps make a good atmosphere for thinking.

Contact Details

Eric Freischlad
Date of Birth
August 19, 1991
Los Angeles, CA

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